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Need an alternative to Zipwhip? Consider Marchex® Sonar

With Twilio’s recent wave of acquisitions, you may find yourself looking for an alternative to Zipwhip. If you are a current Zipwhip customer, you likely know by now that Twilio plans to shut down Zipwhip by the end of this year. With one quarter of the year down, it’s time to find your next provider. But why just replace your platform? How about improving your text experience instead?

The Silver Lining

While it’s never fun to be forced to make an unexpected change, revisiting the market enables you to learn what’s new. As you seek to replace Zipwhip, consider both the customer experience and technology perspectives.

Let’s start with the customer experience. Consider all the communications that occur throughout your customer’s journey. From awareness and education of your brand, to consideration of your solution, to the buying transaction, and then to ongoing support and service, your business interacts with your customers throughout the whole customer lifecycle. Even if you aren’t engaging at every step of the journey now, it’s possible you will in the future – because your customers will come to expect it. Texting is so convenient and available, and increasingly accepted in business, that it is permeating every aspect of the organization.

Now, let’s consider the impact of the technology. From SMS marketing campaigns to automated sales engagement, to customer alerts, reminders and notifications, text is used to communicate with customers all along the way. Yet businesses are also using text messaging in unique ways to facilitate operations. SMS has been used for:

  • A mobile claims department during a national emergency
  • A field deployment app for an electric scooter company
  • A fitting room communication app to swap sizes

The creative uses for text messaging are vast, and businesses are just getting started.

The Marchex® Sonar Advantage

Marchex Sonar is not a traditional texting platform. Marchex is a software, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) company that offers innovative solutions in the marketplace, including Sonar, an intelligent text messaging platform for business. We know that your customers demand instant, interactive and personalized touchpoints, and we’ve got you covered.

The Marchex Sonar texting platform is trusted by winning multi-location brands. Much like Zipwhip, Sonar allows you to:

  • Text-enable your existing landline for texting
  • Allow for individual or shared inboxes
  • Integrate with top CRM systems

Unlike Zipwhip or any other provider in the industry, Marchex Sonar allows you to improve engagement and communication across your entire business with unparalleled features such as:

  • Natural language AI and AI-powered conversation flows
  • Robust permission sets and detailed company hierarchy (over 70 customizable permissions)
  • Highly customizable workflows

These features can be deployed with custom development options to fit seamlessly into your business environment.

Next Steps

Marchex’s Sonar texting platform is the most powerful and robust in the industry. Request a demo and see how you can enable and improve:

  • Sales Engagement & Client Support
  • Targeted Marketing & Follow-up Response
  • List Growth & Data Capture
  • Operations, including Alerts & Reminders

To learn more about Marchex Sonar as a Zipwhip replacementschedule a demo today.

Or call or text us here: (833) 459-2442.