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Optimize your marketing mix–and budget—with Conversational Analytics

You’re getting good phone leads, but can you pinpoint where they are coming from? By identifying which keywords, ad campaigns and channels are driving the high-intent prospects you’re seeking, you can focus your budget where it counts. AI-powered Conversation Intelligence can reveal your best-performing channels, ads or keywords so you can optimize your media spend.

To learn which advertising tactics are working, you need to match clicks from ads to the calls they drive. Conversation Intelligence can connect your online data to your inbound calls, so you get full marketing attribution to make smart marketing decisions.

When you know which ads and keywords drive high-quality calls, you’re empowered to optimize your digital marketing strategy. You can reallocate budget from lower-performing channels, ads and ad groups to those that consistently perform, and drive more or better leads with your existing budget.

The results: An optimized marketing strategy based on 100% keyword-level attribution and improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) since your mix is set up to achieve peak performance.

There is no lack of data available to today’s marketers, but some business challenges can best be answered by bringing the right data together. Conversational Analytics sheds light on attribution blind spots that can occur in multi-channel customer journeys.

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