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So, what is the Moment of Truth?

Your business relies on inbound calls for revenue. So, with a budget in mind, you….

…create your strategy

…optimize your channels

….run click-to-call campaigns

….send direct marketing

….craft landing pages, and

…implement call tracking

all for the purpose of driving the most qualified calls to your business or call center.

And when you look at your marketing results, you discover — it’s working!

The Moment of Truth

Your marketing strategy is bringing prospects into your business just as you planned.  Now comes the Moment of Truth: That 120-second interaction between a caller and your agent over the phone.

Did you win the deal?

Think about it: You’ve planned, strategized, executed, got your prospect to call — all for this moment. At Marchex, we call that moment the Moment of Truth. That 90-second to three-minute interaction that drives revenue to your business or fails. When you understand that callers represent your best customers – they spend more, convert faster and churn less – you may realize how highly valuable to your business that very short exchange actually is.

Winning the Moment of Truth

When you think of how much time, budget, and intellectual power go toward driving calls, it begs the question: What happens when callers connect? Did I gain a customer? Schedule an appointment? Win the deal?

How much time, budget and intellectual power are you putting toward optimizing that phone call now that the caller is on the line?

The good news is, you don’t need a whole new team, secret shoppers, or convoluted reporting to find out.

Marchex helps you win the Moment of Truth by providing actionable intelligence from your phone calls. With AI-powered speech technology and conversation analytics, you can learn:

  • What opportunities were lost and why they failed
  • Which calls were handled well and why they worked
  • Whether your agents stick to scripts
  • Which keywords indicate a high-intent to purchase
  • Unexpected or interesting insights you may not have discovered in a random call sample
  • Which of your marketing promotions is working
  • How fast a caller is reaching an agent

And plenty of other metrics too. If you want to make sure you succeed in the Moment of Truth – when the caller is on the line – Marchex can help. Contact Us to learn more.