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What Conversational Analytics can do for your sales and marketing organizations

Whether your business needs to better understand marketing performance, improve call handling across many touchpoints, optimize sales interactions, or simply boost the volume of inbound sales calls you receive, Conversational Analytics can help you optimize the results of your efforts.

Optimize digital media spend to lower costs and increase revenue

As a marketer, you most likely know the number of clicks you receive from your platform metrics, but do you know which keyword is driving inbound calls? Or what happens next? Conversational Analytics can help you learn which keywords are driving the best calls and this information can be integrated into your bid management platform so you can optimize your budget toward high-performing channels.

Boost sales performance to grow revenue

One of the most difficult aspects faced by businesses trying to measure inbound phone calls is listening to them all. Yet knowing what happened on a phone call is essential to understanding the outcome. AI-powered speech analytics can measure what happens on sales calls and measure the performance of the agent or employee based on a predetermined scorecard. This information can help sales and service teams improve call handling and increase opportunities to grow revenue.

Improve processes to glean more opportunities

The growing number of touchpoints across the customer journey brings with them additional places for communications to break down. Optimizing call handling at the point of connection through the end of the conversation can help you make the most of your existing opportunities.

Grow your customer base from incremental channels

A call marketplace brings vetted publishers and tech-savvy advertisers together on a platform optimized using Conversational Analytics. Campaigns are optimized using Conversational Analytics and run on channels that your business may not reach directly, helping you find new customers previously out of reach.

Rescue missed opportunities

Customers call your business with intent every day, but for one reason or another, they hang up without taking the next step. Whether your agent failed to ask for an appointment, offer a meeting or simply didn’t provide the necessary information, for high-intent calls that failed to convert, there’s a solution. Conversational Analytics can provide real time alerts when a call flagged as high intent ends without the caller taking action, giving your team a second chance to make a sale.

Conversational Analytics can provide information to help marketers and sales teams make better business decisions about driving revenue. If your business relies on phone calls to make a sale, Conversational Analytics can help you get the most out of this channel, at each step of the customer journey.  Learn more in our Call Analytics informational blog.