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Kick your customer acquisition into overdrive.

Drive more showroom visits and increase appointments while improving dealer and store performance.


Appointment rates increase from 13% to 32% when the phone agent knows if they have a specific car or part in stock.

Vehicles & Sales

Connect vehicle campaigns to revenue

Measure and compare the results of your digital and traditional marketing campaigns by department.

Understand the car buying journey

Identify lost opportunities and analyze employee phone skills to get a handle on inbound calls.

Acquire more drivers

Improve your digital marketing efficiency by retargeting high intent shoppers who haven’t purchased yet.

auto service marchex

Services & Parts

Connect special offers to revenue

Know what promotions are driving calls and converting the most callers into customers.

Understand your customer’s journey

Gain actionable insights on callers to more effectively close
sales opportunities.

Acquire more customers

Close a higher percentage of service appointments by retargeting callers who don’t convert.

Discover Marchex for Automotive

See how a Marchex partnership leads to more phone calls and drives more sales.

Hear from our customers:

Chuck Tilton

“I look at the relationship that we have with Marchex as an example of what a strategic partnership should be. It’s collaborative. It’s responsive. It’s all the things I want to have in a partnership.”

-Chuck Tilton, Director, Agency & Partner Operations, CDK Global