Marchex for Five9

Developed by Marchex


Marchex integration for Five9 enables your business to easily apply Marchex conversation intelligence to your Five9 phone calls. Conversations are provided to Marchex seamlessly, without the need to port phone numbers, set up campaigns, or learn a new UI. You specify the exact solutions needed and your business consumes the results quickly via webhook and/or API. 


Call Handling Detection 

  • Detect whether there was an adequate conversation to determine the intent of caller 
  • Detect when staff fail to effectively engage in a conversation and determine if there is an opportunity  
  • Compare rates of inadequate conversations by location, region, or other attribute 
  • Assess whether performance is improving over time and meeting business expectations

Lead Assessment 

  • Determine lead volume per campaign, media spend or business location 
  • Agencies and marketing services companies can quantify the number of actual opportunities for their client business to schedule appointments or transact, enabling them to prove value and reduce client churn  

Appointment or Sale Outcome Determination 

  • Quantify actual appointment rates by location, region, or agent, filtering out non-booking conversations such as appointment confirmations, reschedules and vendor calls   
  • Enable seasoned sales staff to receive alerts when a seller opportunity was not closed so they can reengage to rescue the opportunity 
  • Enable coaching opportunities for seller/agents with lower appointment rates 

This is a communication platform integration.