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10 industries that need call tracking to succeed

Phone calls continue to prove themselves as the driving force in commerce. Even in this age of digital ubiquity, although many consumers start their customer journey online, most transactions take place in a store or during a phone call.

Many companies are using paid search to drive traffic to their websites, which in turn drives calls. But many companies aren’t taking that critical step to optimize their paid search campaigns: they’re not tracking where the calls come from.

Without effective call tracking data, marketers run the risk of losing phone call conversions simply because they don’t know where to focus their marketing budget and resources. We’ve identified 10 industries that need call tracking to succeed.


It’s true, people don’t (yet) buy cars over the phone. But calls are part of the path to purchase. Customers do most of their research online, and then they’re ready to visit. So, what do they do? They pick up their phone perform a search their local automotive dealerships and view the results. They click to call a dealer that looks promising to ask if the model they want is in stock. They set an appointment and head over to the dealership.

Call tracking can also provide insights to help auto service centers improve store performance by understanding what’s happening on calls.  Better insight into the customer journey creates new opportunities to close sales, while improving the customer experience can drive repeat business and loyalty.

Travel & Hospitality

Hotels, cruises, car rentals and online travel agencies rely heavily on phone calls generated by paid search campaigns. Call tracking is critical for knowing which campaigns, channels, and keywords are driving calls that result in bookings. If travel companies aren’t tracking calls, these unoptimized campaigns are keeping the cost of acquisition higher than it needs to be.

Telco and Cable

The telecommunications industry is changing quickly, and finding new customers—fast and cost-effectively—is critical for carriers to compete. Since most people order phone and cable service over the phone, knowing which channels are driving calls is the key to optimizing digital strategies.


People search for insurance online, and the next step is often a phone call for a detailed quote. Call tracking helps insurance marketers identify which channels and messaging deliver calls that end with a policy quote. This means insurance companies can lower acquisition costs by focusing on the highest performing channels.

Home services

When people seek out home repairs, online research typically concludes with a phone call. Many franchise businesses use centralized call centers and scheduling service is most efficiently handled over the phone. Call tracking provides insights into agent call handling so you can optimize the customer experience.

Digital agencies

The pressure’s on for agencies to prove their value to their clients. With call tracking, agencies can optimize marketing campaigns and lower acquisition costs. Digital agencies can also wow clients with detailed info on exactly how many calls were generated, why they called, and what happened during and after the calls.


The cost of lead acquisitions in the legal industry is high. Law firms and agencies in the legal industry can use call tracking to increase net new client volume and reduce cost-per-acquisition. Optimizing inbound phone calls can help increase calls from new client prospects within the current marketing budget.


Educational institutions and tutoring centers offer highly personalized services in a competitive industry. Since prospects are likely to have plenty of questions, a phone call is often part of the path to purchase. Education-based businesses that rely on phone calls can gain insights into high-intent callers and optimize the caller experience for this target audience.


Want to acquire more high-value borrowers? Call tracking helps you identify callers who intend to procure financing. Use call insights to optimize high-performing channels and improve agent training.

Multi-family and senior housing centers

With call analytics, marketers in the multi-family and senior housing industry can make better media buys to drive better calls. Call analytics helps you better understand your audience, optimize media spend, and increase the number of high-quality calls received.

Call tracking isn’t only for these industries—it can benefit businesses in every industry. If you’d like to learn how call tracking can help your company identify and optimize high-intent customer calls, visit the industry pages of the Marchex website.