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10 industries that need call tracking to succeed

Updated 9/14/21

Phone calls continue to prove themselves as the driving force in commerce. During the pandemic, phone calls to businesses have changed the way business is done for certain industries. In fact, the need to track calls has shifted and increased in many cases. Even in this age of digital ubiquity where many consumers start their customer journey online, most big transactions take place over a phone call if an in-person visit isn’t an option.

Many companies are using paid search to drive traffic to their websites, which in turn drives calls. But many companies aren’t taking that critical step to optimize their paid search campaigns: they’re not tracking where the calls come from, learning about caller intent or tracking conversions from calls.

Without effective call tracking data, marketers run the risk of losing phone call conversions simply because they don’t know where to focus their marketing budget and resources. Here are examples of  10 industries that need call tracking to succeed.

Auto Sellers

Calls are an important part of the path to purchase a vehicle. Customers do most of their research online to narrow their focus. When they are ready to learn about a specific vehicle, they pick up their phone, perform a local search and view the results. When they see a match, they click to call a dealer that looks promising to confirm the car is in stock. If so, they set an appointment and head over to the dealership for a test drive.

Auto Services

Call tracking can also provide insights to help auto service centers improve store performance by understanding what’s happening on calls.  Better insight into the customer journey creates new opportunities to close sales, while improving the customer experience can drive repeat business and loyalty. See how Meineke uses call tracking to improve the customer experience.

Travel & Hospitality

Hotels, resorts, car rentals and online travel agencies rely heavily on phone calls generated by paid search campaigns. Call tracking is critical for knowing which campaigns, channels, and keywords are driving calls that result in bookings. If travel and hospitality companies  are not tracking calls, these unoptimized campaigns are keeping the cost of acquisition higher than it needs to be. See how Boar’s Head Resort uses call tracking to reach more guests.


People search for insurance online, and the next step is often a phone call for a detailed quote. Call tracking helps insurance marketers identify which channels and messaging deliver calls that end with a policy quote. This means insurance companies can lower acquisition costs by focusing on the highest performing channels.

Home services

When people seek out home repairs, online research typically concludes with a phone call. Many franchise businesses use centralized call centers and a scheduling service that’s most efficiently handled over the phone. Call tracking provides insights into agent call handling so you can optimize the customer experience. Some call tracking platforms will even send an alert when a conversation tagged as high intent doesn’t end with a positive disposition. See how Service Experts rescues missed opportunities by using advanced call analytics technology.

HVAC Providers

HVAC providers can use call tracking and analytics to understand which marketing channels are most effective for acquiring new customers. Having granular attribution data allow companies to adapt and optimize their marketing strategy to receive more phone calls, more leads, and more booked appointments.


Many franchises and multi-location businesses rely on phone calls to drive revenue, and maintaining brand consistency across multiple locations is key to delivering an excellent customer experience. How your company handles calls can be the difference in making a sale. Call tracking and using a centralized call center allows franchises to maintain consistency across their brand. See how Big O Tires boosts sales with call analytics.

Digital agencies

Agencies take on pressure to prove their value to their clients. With call tracking, agencies can optimize marketing campaigns and lower acquisition costs. Digital agencies can also wow clients with detailed info on exactly how many calls were generated, why they called, and what happened during and after the calls. See how AudioGo partners with Marchex to drive more leads for clients.

Multi-family and senior housing centers

While these two industries may have a different clientele, they share some of the same marketing needs. With call analytics, marketers in the multi-family and  senior housing industries can make better media buys to drive better calls. Call analytics help these businesses better understand their call traffic volume and quality so they can make data-driven decisions. See how Juniper Communities learned about its call volume spikes, adjusted its employee resources and improved the caller experience.

Call tracking isn’t only for these industries—it can benefit businesses in every industry. If you’d like to learn how call tracking can help your company identify and optimize high-intent customer calls, visit Marchex Solutions for Marketers or Contact Us.