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3 Ways Auto Repair and Service Providers Can Win in Today’s Marketplace

In today’s dynamic auto service landscape where fluctuating gas prices, evolving consumer behaviors, and the surge of electric vehicles dominate headlines, seizing every revenue-generating opportunity is vital.  

Marchexunderstands how critical it is to connect customers across marketing, service, and operations to address their most pressing needs. And, let’s face it, customers have a lot of choices when it comes to servicing their vehicles – 236,000+ auto repair and maintenance establishments to be more precise. (Source: 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics) 

Phone calls are a critical way consumers contact their service provider. Here are three ways to stand out from the competition: 

Answer the Phone and/or Follow Up Quickly 

You can’t answer the phone every time it rings. For this reason, you need to make sure you have processes in place to not only track those calls but be able to quickly respond and get that service appointment booked. Talk to your team and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding call handling.  

Improve Customer Experience 

In the digital advertising world, marketing drives calls. But it’s not just about generating calls—it’s about understanding them. Marchex empowers marketers to decode call outcomes across multi-location stores, track team interactions, and harness data for transformative results to ensure your teams are living up to your brand promise. 

Leverage Conversational Data 

How are you leveraging phone conversations to help your business grow? Data taken directly from your phone calls is one of the best resources organizations can use to inform major business decisions. Marchex is a leader in Conversation Intelligence with over 500M+ minutes of automotive service and sales conversations tracked annually, 28K+ auto businesses benchmarked, and 14,000+ Franchised retailers leveraging our products and services.  

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In summary, as the enterprise platform leader with an auto service vertical focus, Marchex is uniquely positioned to deliver data-driven insights across customer lifecycles, including identifying real-time consumer trends to influence product planning, GTM, training, incentives, marketing, sales/service/aftersales communications and more…  

​Don’t just witness the change; drive it. Contact us to learn how we help leading Auto Service Brands improve marketing, streamline operations, and drive more revenue.