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Common Ways Calls Fail at Dealerships

Although contacting a dealership typically occurs during the later stages of the buying process, it is crucial to recognize that phone interactions often play a pivotal role in making important purchase decisions. The success or failure of these initial phone calls can determine whether a car is sold, or the deal falls through. As the preferred call platform for thousands of dealers, we have a deep understanding of what is effective, and equally important, what’s not when it comes to phone calls.  

Did you know that best-in-class dealers have an average failed call rate of just 3%? How does that compare to your failed call rate? To help you address this, we’ve compiled a list of the most common ways that calls fail at a dealership and how to take steps to address them. Three common situations that result in failed calls include: not answering the phone, coming to the call unprepared, and delivering a poor Interactive Voice Response (IVR) experience.  

Answer Every Call 

How do your top sellers handle incoming sales calls? How often do you encounter situations where a salesperson loses a lead due to a lack of knowledge about your inventory? 

It is crucial for sellers to handle incoming sales calls in a knowledgeable and confident manner. They should be thoroughly equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the dealership’s inventory and offerings and be ready to handle common objections. By having a solid understanding of the available vehicles, their features, and pricing details, salespeople can effectively address caller inquiries and build trust with potential customers without putting them on hold or having to call them back. 

Speak with Authority 

Your sales team should also strive to communicate clearly, avoiding the use of industry-specific jargon or over-explaining things. It is important to ensure that callers can easily understand the information being conveyed. When a potential customer feels that the salesperson, they are speaking to is well-informed and capable of addressing their needs, they are more likely to remain engaged during the call. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of setting an appointment and ultimately making a sale. 

Cut Back on IVR 

Have you dialed your dealership lately and navigated through your IVR? One common situation that leads to failed calls is an overly complex or confusing IVR system. If callers are unable to navigate through the options or if the menu does not cater to their specific needs, they may become frustrated and abandon the call. It is important to ensure that your IVR system is user-friendly, well-organized, and provides clear instructions to guide callers to the appropriate department or representative. Better yet, have a person answer every call to ensure that a caller gets to the right department in as few steps as possible. 

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