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Automate CRM Processes Using Conversation Intelligence

The auto sales space today is fast-moving, data-driven and efficient – or at least it should be if a dealership is finding and following the best leads from the strongest channels. There’s not much bandwidth for busywork like manual data entry and monitoring calls one-by-one. Still, dealerships need to tune into their data and know what’s happening on their sales calls. 

Marchex Engage for Automotive is a conversation intelligence solution that empowers sales teams to improve sales outcomes while delivering a better buying experience. Now, Marchex has launched an integration with VinSolutions Connect CRM, a leading dealership customer relationship management system that enables auto dealers to improve customer experiences and keep their CRM up-to-date automatically. The standard has changed for how dealerships manage their data and sales, especially in their CRM systems. Salespeople don’t have time to manually collect and enter customers’ data as they converse with them on calls. By automating data entry and connecting AI-enabled conversation intelligence to the process, dealerships can maintain customer records effortlessly. Dealerships can get key insights within their platform without missing a beat. 

“Delivering a great experience by phone and SMS is the differentiator in the automotive shopping journey, as customers increasingly qualify the store before they will visit. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for the details of conversations to be captured and connected to the customer’s record in VinSolutions Connect CRM,” said Matt Muilenburg, Marchex SVP of Automotive. “Marchex AI capabilities have disrupted the industry; dealers now have reliable data, at scale, that can be viewed down to an agent level.” 

Marchex Engage enables dealers to focus on the best leads automatically, drive accountability, follow up on unsuccessful conversations, and coach sellers in real time. By integrating the VinSolutions Connect CRM with Marchex Engage, dealerships know that the customer records in their system are updated down to the individual conversation – without needing to go in and mess with the data by hand. Outbound calls are much easier to track as well. Dealers can click-to-call any number in their CRM system and connect outbound calls from any phone without additional integration required.  

Marchex is excited to launch this integration, and partner with more dealerships to connect their VinSolutions CRM with Marchex call and text data. Don’t settle for inefficiency within customer relationships; there’s no need for it, and the dealership pays the price. Find the Marchex Engage for Automotive integration for VinSolutions Connect CRM on our Engage for Automotive page.  

About VinSolutions    

As the provider of Connect CRM, a leading dealership customer relationship management system, VinSolutions helps more than 5,000 dealers make every connection count. VinSolutions products integrate dealership systems, processes and tools to deliver a single view of the customer across the business – so dealers can focus on building relationships throughout the sales cycle. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mission, Kansas, VinSolutions fosters dealership success by providing a fully customizable suite of solutions, including equity mining, market pricing and desking tools, combined with the continuous, personal support of a designated Performance Manager. VinSolutions is OEM certified by every major manufacturer and is Autosoft, CDK, Reynolds & Reynolds and Dealertrack DMS certified.