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How Big O Tires gleaned an additional $1M from calls in two months

Big O Tires is one of the nation’s largest auto services franchise organizations offering a wide range of diagnostic, repair and routine maintenance services for automobiles and other vehicles. As a long-time Marchex customer deploying Speech Analytics, Big O Tires was in an ideal position to pilot Marchex Sales Edge Rescuean AI-infused call monitoring and scoring solution that identifies missed opportunities and generates alerts that enable businesses to take quick action to save a sale.  

“Our owners and store managers are often too busy running the business to pay close enough attention to what’s happening to many of their most valuable sales-generating opportunities: The phone calls coming in,” says Don Helphrey, Director of Operations for Big O Tires.  

Since calls equal appointments and appointments equal revenue, the company knew that calls were critical to its business. Although Big O Tires had a process in place to continuously improve call handling, what the company needed was a way to capture inbound call opportunities that hang up without taking next steps, even though the caller reached out intending to conduct business. 

“We asked ourselves, ‘what if we could start doing this in real time?’” says HelphreyAnd with that question, Big O Tires was on the road to piloting Marchex Sales Edge Rescue with 60 of its stores 

“The program revealed that customers were calling, practically begging to spend money at our stores, but the whirlwind of daily operations sometimes creates challenges in focusing on high-value opportunities. Sales Edge Rescue gave us the way to give customers a ‘Big O Yes,’” says Helphrey 

By responding to the alerts generated, Big O Tires was able to boost revenue by $1M during the two-month trial period. Since the pilot represents only about 13 percent of its stores, the true impact across the business would likely be much higher 

For the full details of the Big O Tires pilot program, download the full case study 

If you think your business could benefit from understanding what’s happening with missed opportunities and receiving real-time alerts to re-engage prospects before they call your competition, contact us today.