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Industries that Need Call Tracking and Analytics to Succeed

Updated 4/16/24

Phone calls are critical conversion paths for multi-location and franchise businesses. When consumers search for a local business or healthcare provider, they often contact them by calling. This is especially true for industries with complex, expensive, urgent, or infrequently ordered products and services.  

For industries like automotive services & repair, home services, senior living, and healthcare, consumers want to call to get help from a person before booking appointments, placing orders, or visiting a location. And every time a location mishandles a call, the business could lose that customer or patient forever. 

Automotive Services & Repair 

In the competitive automotive services and repair industry, where the top 50 companies only make up 10% of revenue, customer choice is paramount. Research highlights the crucial role of phone interactions in the customer journey. Failing to answer calls and deliver top-notch experiences risks losing potential customers to rivals, especially considering the national average repair cost of $356.04 per visit. 

Conversational analytics offer a powerful solution for auto service centers, enabling them to uncover insights from customer calls. By understanding the customer’s journey better, businesses can improve operational efficiencies, uncover incremental sales opportunities, and enhance the overall customer experience, fostering stronger loyalty and repeat business. Discover how Meineke uses call tracking to elevate customer satisfaction. 

Home Services 

Many home services franchise businesses use centralized call centers and a scheduling service mainly handled over the phone. When franchise businesses have all their call data from each location in one place, they can have a scalable view of their company’s performance (i.e. adjusted for one location or the entire business). This view can help home services franchise businesses make informed budget decisions regarding sales and marketing. See how Authority Brands optimized sales calls across multiple franchise locations and increased return on investment (ROI) with Marchex call tracking and analytics. 

Senior Living 

With insights obtained from call analytics, marketers in the senior living and skilled nursing industries can reallocate their media budget to drive calls more likely to result in sales. Call analytics can help these businesses better understand their call traffic volume and quality so they can make data-driven decisions. Learn how Juniper Communities learned about its call volume spikes, adjusted its employee resources and improved the caller experience with Marchex.  


Utilizing call tracking and attribution platforms like Marketing Edge can help healthcare companies eliminate what is known as the marketing blind spot, and provide visibility into what happens during calls. Call tracking can link conversations back to the marketing sources that drove them to place the call, making it easy for health organizations to determine which parts of their marketing plans are successfully reaching their audience. If certain channels underperform, teams can adjust the marketing budget toward methods that are more effective at attracting patients.     

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Call tracking and analytics are invaluable tools that can help your business attribute calls to the sources that drove them and observe what took place on each call. If you’d like to learn how call tracking and analytics can help your company identify and optimize high-intent customer calls, Contact Us.