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New to call analytics? Start here

New to call analytics? Start here.

Call Analytics can help you understand your phone calls. In fact, you can learn which channels are driving high-value calls and take actions to optimize. And, more advanced analytics can tell you what happened on each call and how your representative responded to help you improve the customer experience. These analytics utilize call tracking to gain the insights your business needs.

What is call tracking?

It’s true that digital media is a foundational tactic in many campaigns. Yet, interacting with a digital ad in the form of a phone call can drive your customer offline, beyond the tracking reach of digital analytics programs. Call tracking fills the gap in online-to-offline conversions, allowing you to see the complete picture of how customers are interacting with your brand. This reveals insights you can use to improve the customer experience, refine campaigns, and optimize return on ad spend (ROAS).

Call tracking from mobile and online advertising enables you to understand the path to conversion from search keywords to phone calls.

How call tracking works

Call tracking works by placing a tiny piece of Javascript onto your landing pages to allow for dynamic number replacement—the technology then enables accurate call tracking. Dynamic tracking provides real-time attribution of calls so you can take immediate action.

Why businesses use call tracking

Call tracking supports marketing attribution, giving businesses that rely on customer phone calls a complete picture of how a customer came to connect with them. Call tracking allows marketers to understand which ad a customer responded to or which keywords a customer searched for. How many tracking lines you opt for depends on your marketing goals. For source-level attribution, you need a tracking line for each marketing channel. For keyword-level attribution, more phone numbers are necessary to allow for session-based tracking on your landing pages.

How call tracking improves marketing spend

Once you have collected some call data, you can see how your customers interact with your brand, and understand which channels are working. Then, use this knowledge to refine your strategy and optimize your marketing spend. In short, call tracking is the technology that captures the data that helps call-based businesses optimize the path to purchase.

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