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Call Transcription for the Auto Industry

Call transcription offers a multitude of benefits for a variety of industries, including auto dealers. Many call tracking platforms already provide call recording services for their customers, but call transcription can reveal deeper insights.  

Call transcription converts an audio recording of a phone conversation into readable text. Call Analytics takes the process a step further by uncovering more granular information from a call and across a set of calls, along with providing searchable transcripts for further analysis. Marchex Engage for Auto can transcribe and analyze your business’ calls with customers, eliminating the need to listen to each sales call.  

Train Your Salespeople and Save Deals 

Call transcription is useful for auto dealers because it displays conversations in plain text. This makes it much easier for users to quickly pin down exactly what went wrong (or right) on sales calls. If something did go wrong, sales representatives can then utilize the opportunity to call the lead back to save the sale. Over time, these recovered deals could add up to a significant amount of revenue saved. A call transcript can also be useful for training employees. Sales leaders can provide real time feedback to their team, supporting ongoing improvement. 

Identify Lead Intent  

Call transcription makes it simple for users to view a prospect’s likelihood of purchase based on displayed language. Salespeople have records of the exact language a caller used to make decisions informed by how interested the prospect is in buying based on the call transcript. A call transcript also provides dealership revenue teams with keywords that can provide clues regarding what their customers really want. Are they casually looking, or do they have serious intent to buy? What kind of vehicle do they want? This information can then be used to decide which keywords to allocate budget for in marketing campaigns and what language to use on the website and ad copy.  

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