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Get to Know Marchex Sonar Webinar

Here are 4 ways to use two-way texting across your business

Marchex Sonar is an intelligent mobile messaging solution​ that empowers operations, sales, and marketing teams to communicate with field staff, prospects, and customers personally at scale. Join Marchex Sonar CEO, Matt Berman for a webinar discussing how to implement a text solution for your business. We’ll cover 4 key areas where a text solution can help your business.

Field Communications

Leverage text to make sure your field staff is up to date in real time, without requiring them to install additional software or use a channel they aren’t already using. ​

  • Keep your team informed
  • Support communication on the go


For a customer, knowing they can save your phone number in their phone and text you for assistance gives them an easy way to stay in touch.  ​

  • Respond to customers
  • Solve customer issues
  • Provide real-time information


Build a real relationship with a prospect over the channel they live and breathe in. Since so many people use texting as their primary form of communication, by not requiring any habit changes to communicate with your business, you’re likely to increase the response rate.

  • Schedule demos
  • Lead conversion
  • Upselling/cross-selling


Texting is also a great channel for nurturing leads because once you’ve opened up this communication channel with a lead, you can text them over a long period of time as long as you maintain opt-in.

  • Marketing promotions
  • Information gathering
  • Lead qualification

Interested to know more about Marchex Sonar? Watch our webinar: 4 Ways to Use Two-Way Texting Across Your Organization. Also, see our Two-Way Texting Hub for more details about texting for businesses.