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Stop Listening to Calls; Start Taking Action

It’s now possible to surface actionable insights from customer conversations that originate from your existing communication platforms with Marchex Platform Services.

Marchex Platform Services, part of the Marchex Anywhere initiative, expands access to CPaaS, UCaaS and CCaaS platforms to deliver AI powered conversation intelligence without the need to port phone numbers, acquire call tracking numbers, or learn a new system. This new service allows sales, customer engagement and marketing teams to take decisive action and make interactions better for their customers.

Marchex Platform Services enables businesses to send raw conversation audio and conversation data directly from an existing communication platform to Marchex connection points and receive back data that has been processed by Marchex’s conversation intelligence.


Enhance the value of existing communication platforms

Understanding the outcome of a call is key to improving customer interactions. Insights gleaned from customer and prospect conversations allow sales, marketing, and customer engagement teams to take informed action. Marchex Platform Services give businesses the insights needed to determine whether or not a substantive conversation occurred on a call and take action based on how that conversation went. Sales teams can easily identify the outcome of the call, whether an appointment was set, or a sale was made or lost. Near real‐time alerts can empower sales teams to respond quickly when a caller showing high intent doesn’t buy, so the sale or opportunity can be saved.

Enrich the data within your current platform

Marchex Platform Services eliminates the need to learn a new system, allowing the user to glean insights and identify actions to be performed within the systems they’re already familiar with. By expanding conversation intelligence in innovative and practical ways, businesses can reduce churn and improve the call experience for customers. You can leverage all the power of Marchex’s conversation intelligence without the need to port phone numbers or acquire call tracking numbers.

Current Integrations Include:

To recap, businesses can gain actionable insights from customer conversations using Marchex Platform Services, without the need to route their telephone calls through Marchex call tracking numbers. To learn more, contact us or schedule a demo.