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Drive revenue in 2021 by optimizing channels that work

The beginning of a new year is planning time for many companies. It’s a time to take a fresh look at marketing strategies and fine tune execution plans. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, companies need to consider optimizing channels that work and sell in a landscape that demands increasingly more remote and virtual experiences.

Calls are part of the path to purchase for many companies, but nowadays, they are even more important. And, channels like text and chat are seeing significant growth in the business environment. Against this dynamic backdrop, marketers need to learn which channels drive traffic and optimize these channels in order to drive business for their companies.

Having an accurate view of the performance of your inbound channels is key to making data-driven decisions related to your marketing mix. By integrating your call data into tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, you can get accurate performance of all your channels in a single view (See our post: Improve Your Google Ads ROI with Scalable Call Analytics).

Another channel – texting in business – is on the rise, and has helped many businesses accelerate the sales pipeline.

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