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Marketing status check – are you optimizing all your channels?

Whether it’s the beginning of your fiscal year or you’ve just passed the half-way mark, July is a great time to evaluate the performance of your marketing strategies. The number of channels available has exploded in the past few years and technology available to measure and optimize outcomes has kept pace.

Digital channels may seem easier to evaluate since applications often contain some built-in metrics. For instance, digital advertising platforms contain dashboards of information you can use to optimize, social advertising channels provide basic metrics and websites can take advantage of Google Analytics. The good news is, offline actions can be measured too – just as easily as digital channels.

Measure calls as accurately as clicks

Whether you run print ads, send direct mail, or use click-to-call ads or call extensions, the action you want the prospect to take for all these channels is a phone call. Thanks to Call Analytics technology, phone calls can be measured just as accurately as clicks and provide other customer information as well. Basically, you can gain a high-level view of the health of your marketing initiatives. What channel did a call come through? How many calls were received from each channel? With more advanced technology, you can learn what happened once the call was initiated. How was the call routed? What was the customer’s experience with the agent? What was the outcome of the call?

Decide what you want to measure

And when you know the answers to the questions above, you can ask yourself a few more and take action. How can the caller’s journey be streamlined? How can the customer experience with my brand be improved? And, what steps can my agents take to encourage the desired outcome?

Once you know what you want to measure and optimize, finding a solution is the next step.

Find the right solution

Call Analytics solutions can be very simple or very robust depending on what you’re trying to solve.

Just need to count calls? Find a basic package.

Need to know what happens when a caller connects with your agent? Evaluate an AI-powered speech analytics solution.

Need deeper insights into your digital ads that drive calls, such as which keywords work? Check out our advanced media performance edition.

If calls are your main source of leads, look at technology that measures media performance to drive calls and provides insights on calls once they are handled by your business with a full-range Call Analytics offering.

Not sure where to start or want more information first? Download our Call Analytics Solution Guide to learn more.