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Why Your Phone Customer is Your Best Customer

One of the questions I hear a lot when talking to various people about Marchex is, “Why concentrate on phone calls?” And, on its face, this is a great question. CMOs can drive revenue through a variety of channels: online, in stores, even through mail order. But the challenge is tracking which channels are driving […]

By Guy Weismantel

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marchex audience targeting

Introducing Caller-Based Audience Targeting

Earlier this year we brought you Marchex Speech Analytics, and the adoption from our customers was exceptional. Today, I couldn’t be more excited to follow up with another industry first – Marchex Audience Targeting. According to eMarketer, Americans now spend nearly 12 hours each day consuming media, and it is clear that how we make […]

By Stephanie Craig

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marchex call tracking blog

5 Things You Didn’t Know Call Tracking Could Do

Today, if you are a marketer, it’s not enough for you to just generate leads. No, it’s also vital for you to identify the sources of your leads, so you know which of your campaigns are performing well and which need improvement. Call tracking can be used to identify which of your marketing campaigns triggered […]

By Marchex Marketing Team

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how we built speech recognition program

How we Built the World’s Most Accurate Speech Recognition System

Like many tech nerds of my generation, I have a mild obsession with Star Trek. In particular, I always found myself enamored with Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.   I often wondered if technology would catch up the sci-fi imagination and I would end up interacting with an android that could seamlessly converse with […]

By Jason Flaks

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