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Sentiment Suite: The Next Generation in Customer Sentiment Analysis

In today’s fast-paced and customer-centric business environment, understanding the nuances of customer sentiment has never been more critical. Traditionally, businesses have relied on direct feedback mechanisms like Google reviews or customer surveys to gauge customer satisfaction. These traditional methods miss the subtle nuances of customer emotions during interactions. Online reviews happen after-the-fact – when your brand reputation has already taken a hit – and surveys capture a surface-level view of the customer experience. Finding a way to effectively monitor your online reputation is certainly worth it, as a one-star increase can lead to up to 28% more revenue! With the release of Sentiment Suite to Callcap, Marchex Platform Services, and Marketing Edge, let’s walk through how Marchex’s latest generative-AI-powered sentiment analysis revolutionizes how businesses understand and engage with their customers. 

A Novel Form of Sentiment Analysis 

Marchex’s Sentiment Suite has been deeply influenced by our insights from analyzing billions of minutes of business-to-customer (B2C) conversations. Our expertise in conversational analytics, combined with the invaluable insights gained from our early adopter program, has been instrumental in developing a feature that stands out from other sentiment analysis solutions. 

The early adopter program for Sentiment Suite enabled Marchex to glean feedback from industry leaders in the home-services, auto-services, and healthcare verticals. Processing hundreds of thousands of calls through the Sentiment Suite models and reviewing the results with early adopters enabled Marchex to understand the needs and applications for sentiment analysis across various industries and use cases. Ultimately, this feedback resulted in a refined product built to meet the needs of several personas, from call center managers looking to monitor agent performance, to digital marketing managers seeking to confirm campaign and media-source success.  

Most sentiment analysis capabilities in the market offer little more than a positive, negative, or neutral rating of conversations, but Marchex has created a comprehensive solution that leverages state-of-the-art generative AI to decode the complexities of human interactions. 

Let’s look at how Sentiment Suite distinguishes itself: 

Discovering the Why 

Marchex’s Sentiment Suite offers a curated set of AI signals that present a holistic view of customer emotions, giving businesses visibility into why customers are frustrated. Conversations receive a structured rating so businesses can aggregate and analyze conversations according to the sentiment, satisfaction, and frustration expressed by a customer. However, businesses can also view the reasoning behind their customers’ frustration and dissatisfaction in both structured formats and natural language explanations, a few examples being pricing issues, agent knowledge gaps, and long hold times.  

Beyond Satisfaction to Brand Perception 

It is vital to look at agent-customer interactions with a holistic view to understand how agents are or are not meeting customers’ needs. For example, just because a customer started a call with a frustrated tone does not mean that they ended the call feeling frustrated. The best agents can quell customer concerns, leaving them satisfied with the call outcome. That’s why Marchex’s Sentiment Suite labels and explains each customer’s View of the Business, helping distinguish brand advocates from potential negative reviewers and giving businesses a near real-time view of customer satisfaction. Each rating is accompanied with a natural-language explanation for why a customer left the conversation with a positive, negative, or neutral view of your business. 

The pairing of customer emotion with customer perception enables businesses to track how sentiment fluctuates throughout a call. Managers can swiftly identify which agents meet the needs of frustrated customers or identify common factors in conversations where customers are left with a negative view of the business.  


The launch of Marchex’s Sentiment Suite marks a new era in conversational analytics, one where understanding the emotional undercurrents of customer conversations is no longer an aspiration but a reality. “Understanding the emotional sentiment of our customers as they interact with our business, in real-time, gives us a powerful application,” Ryan Field, Vice President of Marketing at Sierra Heating and Cooling, an early adopter participant. “It can help drive strategic marketing insights and operational improvements to help our business.” With Marchex’s Sentiment Suite, businesses are not just listening to their customers; they are truly understanding them, paving the way for unparalleled customer experiences and business growth. 

If you want to see what kinds of insights Sentiment Suite can uncover for your business, reach out today.