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How Auto Dealers Can Make the Most of Every Conversation

What are you doing to improve your customers’ buying experience? If you’re like many businesses, you have plans and processes in place. But how can you ensure that your sellers follow those best practices? Closing that blind spot is more critical than ever, but many businesses are still playing catch-up. The good news is, thanks to conversation intelligence, you can learn about your customers and their needs, and also measure how your team performed on the call.

The Challenge

In the past, you may have had two or three separate phone calls with a prospect: A first call to discuss products and services, a second call-back to discuss price, and a third call to schedule an appointment. However, consumers today are more informed, serious and ready to buy — meaning they may reach out only once! The room for error has shrunk dramatically. Every time the phone rings at your dealership can make an impact, so it’s important to handle calls correctly.

How the Car Sale is Earned

One of our reports, Trust, Transparency & The Transaction,  dives into how the car sale is earned, covering which communication channels car buyers use, what information they need, and the most common pain points in their shopping journey. We found that trust is often the biggest factor when a customer is determining where to purchase a vehicle. By applying conversation intelligence to your calls, you can optimize your call handling process and discover issues that could affect consumers’ trust in your business. Unless you can analyze calls at scale, these issues would remain buried and your ability to establish trust with your customers is impacted.

The Solution

Marchex Engage for Automotive helps car dealers deliver a better buying experience over the phone by showing a customer’s intent and the conversation outcome at scale. Using conversation intelligence, dealerships can drive accountability with their sales reps and confirm that they’re following up on incoming leads. These insights also create an opportunity for more reality-based coaching discussions. With the ability to review call outcomes at scale, businesses leaders can refine what selling practices should be replicated or improved upon.

Marchex has also researched the best practices of top-performing reps in a variety of industries.

The best customer service comes from a place of understanding, positivity, and sincerity. These phrases will help you capture that tone during every interaction:


  1. Thank you for reaching out!
  2. I would be frustrated/upset/confused/annoyed too.
  3. I don’t know, so let me go find out for you!
  4. Can you give me a few additional details?
  5. We can help with this.
  6. While we may not be able to do that, here’s what we can do.
  7. We appreciate your insight/feedback/thoughts.
  8. Thanks so much for your patience.
  9. Reach out again any time. We’d love to help. Our hours are…


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