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Gain marketing attribution across ALL your channels – including calls and texts

Data-driven marketers seeking full attribution are tasked with understanding performance across a growing number of channels. For marketers who stick to digital advertising, metrics are often part of the application. But if shop visits or phone calls are part of your marketing mix, gathering data and combining it with digital metrics can be challenging. Not surprisingly, many marketers end up with a blind spot when measuring their marketing results.

The offline blind spot

As a marketer, communicating across multiple channels is necessary to target prospective customers.  However, when prospects skip around, it can be difficult to determine which channels are working to drive the most leads. It can be particularly difficult to measure when prospects are driven offline. You may think you have lost a customer when, in fact, they have just switched to an offline channel such as a phone call or text. Eliminating this blind spot can help you efficiently keep track of prospective customers across various channels and drive sales. Call Tracking and Call Analytics shed light on this blind spot.

Find your audience

The first step to understanding how a prospect became a customer is to learn which channels are performing. Digital and Conversational Analytics can help identify channels that drive results. Understanding what converted a customer gives your company key insights to the prospect’s path to purchase. These insights can also inform your budget allocation so that you put your marketing spend on channels that drive success.

Measure every channel

Marketers can gain insights on what is driving calls and use this information to leverage the conversion of future prospective customers. Conversational Analytics can be used with click-to-call ads and call extensions, so you learn which keyword or channel is driving calls.

By seeking call attribution as part of your marketing strategy, you can get a full view of how all of your marketing channels are performing.

For an overview of how multi-channel marketing attribution works, check out this pillar blog post: Call Tracking and Call Analytics: The Basics.