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How to Implement Texting in Your Business

Texting is an increasingly popular way for businesses to reach and interact with customers and employees.

In fact, 90 percent of consumers want to text with brands. Businesses that don’t use a texting channel may be limiting their potential with prospects and customers. Business SMS tools like Marchex Sonar helps organizations implement SMS strategies for today’s business environment. Using two-way texting can help increase the number of customers and prospects businesses reach. Here are four key ways to use text in your organization:

Accelerate the path to purchase

Texting is a great way to engage with prospects. Automated text sequences or bots can help qualify leads as they interact with your brand, doing a lot of the heavy lifting for your sales team. In addition, you’re building a relationship with a prospect over the channel they use every day. By not requiring any habit changes to communicate with your business, you’re greatly increasing the potential response rate.

Boost campaign performance

Text can be a great marketing tactic since it’s an effective, but non-intrusive way to communicate with leads. While prospects can take their time in responding, there’s a very high likelihood that they will read your message, and response rates for text are significantly better than email.

Support current customers and provide a great experience

From the customer perspective, knowing they can save your phone number in their phone and text you any time without having to wade through a phone menu is a much better experience. And text allows your business to support several customers simultaneously, improving response times and employee productivity.

Keep your team informed in real time

For distributed employees and field teams, staying up-to-date with the latest information is a critical part of operating seamlessly across your business. Leverage text to make sure your field staff is informed in real time. This is a valuable way to stay nimble and responsive.

Text as a business communication tool is on the rise. Learn how to implement text in your business today.