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Marchex acquires Sonar Technologies expanding text/SMS capabilities

Earlier this week, Marchex acquired Sonar Technologies, a conversational analytics company focused on text and SMS analytics. This is exciting news for Marchex customers who offer text communication channels with their customers, particularly when it comes to customer service.

Sonar helps businesses use AI and chatbots to support their customers every step of the purchase journey. In fact, Sonar has one of the highest-rated user interfaces in the SMS space according to G2.

At Marchex, we are excited to join with Sonar because we believe text and SMS as customer communication channels are rapidly growing, as consumers have indicated they want to communicate with businesses this way. Today, 56 percent of consumers prefer to text a business according to Techcrunch. On the business side, 79 percent of companies believe customers want text and SMS support, according to ICMI. Sonar offers best-in-class automation and chatbots with the latest natural language processing and machine learning technology to make messaging with customers automatic and lucrative. With this acquisition, Marchex expands its capabilities and creates new opportunities for channel development.

NEXTms, our text messaging suite, is already an effective tool for businesses that want to expand their communication channels to interact with customers via the channel they prefer. Marchex believes texting is part of the future of customer service, and we’re excited about the possibilities the Sonar acquisition offers our customers.

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