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Call Analytics

The leading analytics platform for advertising driven phone calls

Transform customer acquisition through caller insights

Thanks to smartphones, inbound calls are increasingly important as an outcome of mobile advertising. Marchex Call Analytics informs you of which ads, campaigns and channels are generating inbound calls, and which are not – allowing you to gain valuable insights to transform your campaign performance.

Optimize advertising performance

Deliver best-in-class response to callers

Get easy and secure access to call data

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The most advanced advertising analytics technology

Marchex Call Analytics technology gives you the tools to accurately attribute phone calls to the channel, advertisement and even keyword or impression. Based on patented technology, we continually innovate and improve our platform to ensure our clients always have cutting-edge solutions for the fast-changing world of advertising.

“The value we get is the technology Marchex provides and how easy and flexible it is for us to integrate with. We do a lot of things on the website, in the advertising programs that involve real-time decision making, changes that are made dynamically, and over the years, we've leveraged Marchex APIs and custom integrations to build those things out, and the Marchex folks have been very willing and comfortable doing those development efforts with us.”

Chuck Tilton, Director, Agency & Partner Operations. CDK Global

Primary Industry Verticals

Professional Services

Research from Google shows that 72% of consumers are very likely to use click-to-call advertising to reach a professional services business. Marchex works with leading professional services companies to measure and optimize mobile and digital advertising programs.


Click-to-call is a critical lead generation channel for education businesses. The Marchex Institute, our data and insights arm, has found the median duration of an education call is 10.1 minutes. We work with the leading education companies to drive and measure calls from prospective students.

Read our case study on education.

Financial Services

Click-to-call is part of the mobile consumer’s path to purchase many financial products, including insurance, loans, banking and more. Our recent 2015 Financial Services Mobile Performance Report includes data from our more than fifteen Fortune 500 customers in this industry.


The automotive industry is the largest advertising category in the world. The mobile consumer is calling dealers directly from mobile publishers and apps in record numbers. In addition to working with leading brands and marketing services providers, our data and insights team has published several reports on phone calls to auto dealers. Learn more.


Marchex provides the ability to track consumers who start off in retail or web and end up in telesales, or vice versa. Through advanced analytics, our retail customers know how these interactions work together, the customer intent and how to best staff and optimize media.


Click-to-call is a critical lead generation channel for dentists, beauty salons and most other health industries. Not only do we work with leading companies in the health industry, our patented Call DNA delivers insights without the need to record phone calls.


Marchex works with nearly a dozen auto and life insurers to track, attribute and optimize inbound phone calls from mobile and digital media. We also drive millions of inbound calls annually to this industry through the Marchex Call Marketplace. Learn more.

Read our recent report, 2015 Financial Services Mobile Performance Report.

Home Services

Google has shown that 66% of consumers prefer to click-to-call from a mobile device for a home services provider. Our recent 2015 Click-to-Call Mobile Performance Report shows that many of these phone calls turn into appointments and customers. A report from Forrester Research has shown that Marchex delivered $57 million in incremental revenue to a Fortune 1000 company. Learn more.

Real Estate

Calls are critical for real-estate companies because they’re highly consultative, answering unique questions for the individual’s needs. In fact, our insights team discovered personal contact over the mobile phone increases conversion rates, on average 4x higher than those from a desktop PC.

Moving & Storage

The moving and storage industry relies on click-to-call as an important source of new customers, and Marchex tracks, attributes and optimizes millions of calls to these industries each month. In addition, we deliver high-quality, inbound calls to top storage companies through the Marchex Call Marketplace.

Hotels & Cruises

Consumers are clicking-to-call rental car, cruise and hotel companies in record numbers, and our recent blog post on Ringing Up Travel shows that many of these phone calls turn into appointments and customers. Marchex works with top travel companies in the airline, cruise, rental car and hospitality industries. Learn more.

Cable & Satellite

Marchex works with the top provider of cable & satellite services to track, attribute and optimize inbound phone calls from mobile and digital media. We also drive millions of inbound calls annually to this industry through the Marchex Call Marketplace. Learn more.

Read our case study with Allconnect.

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