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Call Analytics

The leading analytics platform for advertising driven phone calls

Make data-driven decisions

Gain instant insights with advanced analytics and reporting, providing you the toolsets and data needed to understand advertising performance with high-volume call campaigns.

Easily view and compare campaign results by viewing real-time reports and dashboards

Understand the tactics and media channels that drive the best performance with access to 80+ attributes of a call

Gain insights of customer interactions available from conversational analytics or call recordings

Customize Campaigns for Ad-Driven Calls

Configurable call campaigns. Flexible options for business hours, voice prompts, whisper play files and extension routing

Advanced call routing. Settings for parallel dialing, multi-step forwarding and weighted routing

Real-time call alerts through notification and webhooks

“It’s all about ROI, Marchex Call Analytics plays a key role in allowing us to prove to our clients that every dollar spent on our programs yields a tangible ROI.”

Ai Media

Access Marchex Call Analytics data in the way that works best for you

Easy access to data

View web-based reports and dashboards, data integrated into the marketing platform you already use, or create custom analysis with our industry-standard APIs

Secure Call Analytics

Analyze call outcomes and conversation visualizations without call recording, or listen to redacted call recordings that are encrypted with one of the strongest block ciphers available

Admin Control

Determine who can view and export data based on accounts, users and permissions that you configure.

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