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Save the Sale with Positive Customer Engagement

Auto dealers know that the path to a sale can be a bumpy ride. Not every call with a customer goes off without a hitch – issues can often arise. The true test of a salesperson’s skill is not whether their calls unfold seamlessly, but how they solve problems and overcome roadblocks. Often, the primary factor that determines whether a sale goes through is the salesperson’s attitude towards the caller. Customers respond better to positive engagement that indicates the dealer has a genuine interest in addressing their concerns rather than a negative tone suggesting their needs will not be met by the dealership. A helpful attitude can lead to successful calls and more sales. 

Find Solutions Using Positive Language

Problems emerging during a call can seem daunting. However, there are a few key tips to remember to remedy the situation and keep the caller engaged: 

  • Avoid expressing doubt 
  • Emphasize what you can do rather than what you can’t 
  • Do not contradict the caller 
  • Offer alternatives or substitutes 

For example, if a customer calls a dealership to obtain a specific model, and that model is not in stock, salespeople often take one of two paths. The first route many take is to be blunt with the customer and express that the model the customer is looking for is unavailable, but not elaborate or pivot toward a solution. This tends to turn off the customer and give them the impression that the dealership cannot fulfill their request.  

The better salesperson instead clarifies that while the desired model is not in stock, they do carry a similar model that also matches the caller’s wishes. With a more positive tone, the customer may remain interested in doing business with the dealership, feel that the salesperson truly wants the call to be productive, and may even follow up on the proposed alternative model.  

Set Expectations with Your Team

To ensure that a sales team is following through on the above key points, it is imperative that dealers meet them where they are. Expectations cannot be set if the decision-maker and team’s ideas of a job well done are not in sync. Talking with the team, listening to their calls, and documenting areas of potential improvement are all integral steps toward putting everyone on the same page regarding call handling.  

Watch Our Webinar

To learn more about how tone can make or break sales, watch our webinar “Improve Call Handling Performances and Outcomes” featuring two of Marchex’ own auto experts, Anne-Marie Anderson and Chris Spensley. The pair go over how to utilize the right tactics and emulate a helpful attitude to convince a customer not to hang up the phone during critical moments in the call.