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Know how a prospect became your customer in an omnichannel world

As a marketer, you know there’s rarely a straight line from awareness to interest to consideration to purchase. Today’s customer journey is a pinballing odyssey that bounces from channel to channel.  It’s up to marketers to keep up with prospects. But when a prospect suddenly switches from an online channel to an offline one, many marketers have difficulty keeping track. Linking offline prospects to a sales conversion is a common challenge. At Marchex, we call this the offline blind spot.

To know which marketing channels are working, you need to know how a prospect became a customer. Linking the prospect’s online marketing journey to their offline conversion to customer is key. So, how do you do this?

Measure every channel

Include a solution that integrates data across channels so you can view performance of your media strategies. No matter which channels you include in your marketing mix–search, display, video, social or website—an application that highlights which tactics are driving calls can remove your offline blind spot.

Armed with these insights, you can allocate marketing budget to high-performing media channels. Then, optimize your strategy to reduce or eliminate channels that don’t drive quality traffic. In addition, gain detailed information on marketing ROI by channel, and attribute phone calls driven by marketing campaigns. Finally, integrate performance data with your bid management platform to optimize in real time.

Eliminate the offline blind spot

The right technologies can help your business optimize the path to purchase when online prospects become offline customers. To learn how to connect the digital journey to offline response, download our eBook The Offline Blind Spot & the Modern Marketer.