Call Tracking from Paid Search

Keyword-level attribution from a search ad to an inbound call

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The Missing Conversions

Studies have shown that when marketers include call numbers in their paid search ads and on their website, their SEM campaigns result in 40% more conversions. Odds are, even if you’re not currently using call extensions or dynamic tracking numbers, customers are calling into your business after seeing your ads. Without enabling call tracking from paid search ads, you could be missing out on which campaigns are working best, or you could be making the wrong assumption about which part of your budget is driving the most sales.

Call Conversion Types

Paid search advertising generates two types of phone call conversions:

  • Click-to-Call Extensions: dynamic call numbers listed inside your paid search ad. Users on mobile click call extensions to call your business directly, or they dial the number when searching on desktop.
  • Website Call Conversion: dynamic call numbers on your website or landing page. Users click through your paid search ad, but instead of filling out a form or completing a purchase on your website, they call your business from a dynamic tracking number synced with your SEM campaign.

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Optimizing Paid Search with Call Tracking

Once you have visibility into which ads drive calls, you can optimize your SEM campaigns to drive even more.

For example, marketers know that their highest value search campaign is often the most expensive too. They also know that inbound callers spend an average of 28% more and convert 30% faster. Adding call extensions during peak business hours can reduce cost-per-acquisition.

Similarly, many marketers still have low conversion rates on mobile. You can test call-only ads in Google Ads alongside your traditional paid search ads for mobile only. Use the phone call conversions metric to compare call-only ads against landing page conversion rates. Don’t spend money on ads that don’t convert.

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How marketers can gain caller insights at every stage of the customer journey

Call Analytics have come a long way since marketers began counting calls. From AI-based speech metrics to keyword-specific channel attribution, Call Analytics reveal actionable insights at every touchpoint of the customer path to purchase. Download our Getting Started with Call Analytics

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