API and Webhooks

Developed by Marchex

API and Webhooks for Marchex Marketing Edge

Integrating fully featured Call and SMS Conversation Analytics capabilities into your applications has never been easier.

With the Marketing Edge API, we provide you with the capability to develop everything from a simple call tracking application, or to create a full featured marketing attribution solution that enables you to associate phone calls and text conversations to your digital marketing campaigns. We designed the Marketing Edge REST API to put the power of Marchex Conversation Analytics into the hands of your developers. Now you can integrate call, text and AI capabilities directly into your applications. Getting started is simple, and with thoroughly documented guides and API references, you’ll be realizing the benefits of Marchex data in no time.

Attribution details collected by Marchex can be communicated in near real-time to the digital marketing platform responsible for generating calls and texts via robust webhooks. Every phase of the conversation has a corresponding webhook event. Each webhook instance can then be configured to communicate the exact details that are impactful for your application and down stream business processes.

API and Webhooks for Marchex Sonar

Unlock fast and reliable integrations with our robust suite of APIs and Webhooks. Use our flexible API and webhooks to custom build your own solution to automate flows and streamline performance.