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AI-powered intelligence for smarter marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Unlocking Conversations to Drive Better Customer Experiences

Most companies today don’t have a problem with a lack of data, but they do have a problem turning all their data into actionable insights.

With AI-enabled speech analytics technology, now anyone in your organization can analyze data points across business conversations – allowing you to reduce errors from manual review and do things in seconds that previously would take hours, days, or even weeks.

You can utilize these customer insights to make smarter decisions about your digital marketing strategies, call handling best practices, mystery shopping, and more.

Lost Opportunities

Quantify business conversations with customers who were left stranded, hung up on or transferred

High Intent

Automatically identify which callers are showing a propensity to buy and measure the economic impact

Conversation Search

Get a search engine for all of your calls, so you can easily search conversations to improve marketing, advertising, and sales programs

Sentiment Analysis

Identify potential customer churn before it happens by analyzing conversations by caller sentiment

Agent Script Tracking

"Auto-pilot” your mystery shopping, identify high-performing sales agents and leverage their best practices to increase close rates


Secure Redaction

Ensure security with automatic removal of credit card and social security numbers from call audio and transcripts

Protecting your business 24/7



Comprehensive, multi-layered information security program. Marchex is both SOC 2 Type II certified for security and enables HIPAA compliance. CCPA compliant.

privacy and fraud prevention


Marchex is TRUSTe verified and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework compliant.


24/7/365 monitoring and cloud-based elastic computing capacity for scalable solutions.

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Understand your customers’ intent and phone call experience

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For Marketing or Sales Teams
  • Advanced Call Tracking
  • Speech Analytics
enterprise Enterprise Edition adds...
  • Enterprise Assurance
  • Success Assurance
  • Advanced Speech Analytics
For Marketing or Sales Teams


Unlocking Conversations to Drive Better Customer Experiences

Advanced Call Tracking
  • Contextual Call RoutingAutomatically route calls based on key contextual attributes such as: time of day, caller location, campaign or channel that drove the call, store, agent, call center and more.
  • Call RecordingCalls are automatically recorded and can be easily played back (optional).
  • Call TaggingA listener can assign data tags to manually classify the call while listening to a call playback.
  • Whisper MessageHear a private message with important information about the caller at the beginning of a call.
Speech Analytics
  • Call TranscriptionCall conversations are automatically converted into full-text transcripts that are readable and searchable.
  • Keyword SpottingTag and score calls based on specific words said by a caller or agent on any given call or voicemail transcription.
  • Transcript Mining/SearchingRapidly full-text search through multiple transcripts in real time to identify trends and patterns and discover actionable insights.
  • Intelligent Call Classification Marchex’s patented Call DNA® technology automatically scores and tags calls by type of outcome, such as High Intent, Lost Opportunity and Department. Only Marchex can automatically classify all your calls in real time, at scale.
  • Executive OverviewGet a comprehensive, real-time roll-up of speech analytic data on demand. Business leaders can quickly and easily track KPIs that account for employee performance and operational realities.
  • Agent Script TrackingEnter an agent call script and track how your agents perform against script guidelines. Take your secret shopper operation to an entirely new level by automating secret shopper intelligence for every call, whatever the scale of your business.
  • Transcript RedactionAutomatically remove credit card and social security numbers from call transcriptions for extra security and privacy.
  • Sentiment Analysis Call conversations are analyzed and classified by caller sentiment, so you can easily track customer sentiment and identify potential customer churn before it happens. Only Marchex can automatically measure the sentiment of all your calls in real time, at scale.
  • CleanCall® Conversation SPAM Protection Your Marchex solution is robocallers’ greatest enemy. Our patented Clean Call—Conversation technology prevents robocalls from reaching you by analyzing the call audio in real time to detect known robocall call signatures. It is immune to Caller ID spoofing.
enterprise Enterprise Edition adds...
  • Audio Redaction Automatically remove credit card and social security numbers from call recordings for an even higher level of security and privacy.
  • Email AlertsReceive email alerts for calls successfully connected from an ad campaign or when those calls are missed.
  • Success Assurance Guided expertise developed from years as the industry leader to ensure that you get the most out of your Marchex Call Analytics solution.
  • Enterprise Assurance Enterprise-class availability, scalability, security and priority monitoring from our 24/7/365 Systems Operations Center.


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More reliable than IBM Watson (Source: Gigaom)

Gigaom called Conversation Search “one of the most impressive features offered by Marchex,” surpassing IBM Watson in terms of accuracy. Conversation Search represents Marchex’s high-quality standard of providing reliable phone conversation transcripts in real-time.

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Jim Bechtell

When General Motors rolled out Marchex Speech Analytics, we were amazed at the insights it provided. We are using this product every day to better understand our sales agent behaviors and to improve our customers’ buying experience.

Jim Bechtell
VP & GM at Somerset Buick GMC Inc.

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