Marketing Edge overview

Marchex Marketing Edge

Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From

Multichannel attribution helps you understand your customer’s journey

Attribution that fits your business needs, whether you're a small business or an enterprise

Multichannel attribution all in one place

Pull rich consumer data using dynamic number insertion technology (DNI) that shows you how customers interacted with your business over time through calls and form fills. Gain visibility into which campaigns and marketing channels drove your leads, such as Google Paid, Google Organic, direct visits, email campaigns, social and more.

Form fill attribution

Connect Marketing Edge to the existing forms on your website to gain visibility into which campaigns and marketing channels are driving your form-fills.

Understand your customer's actual digital journey to your business

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a powerful part of an advanced attribution solution that enables you to see what actions led a customer to call your business. DNI can track many types of actions such as channels visited, activity on your landing page, keywords searched, and ads clicked prior to calling or texting the dynamic tracking number or filling out a form.

Setting up campaigns is a snap

Easily create your campaign for a variety of different marketing channels. Customize your tracking number to fit the needs of your business.

Get the local number you need

Marchex offers you the largest selection of local number pools. Pull from a vast inventory of local, toll-free, or a combination of local and toll-free call tracking numbers to best fit your business needs