Marketing Edge overview

Marchex Marketing Edge

Rescue Lost Sales*

Give your sales team another chance to increase their close rate

Empower your sales team to take quick action to save a sale

Capture missed sales opportunities with Rescue Alerts*

Empower your sales team to receive real-time text or email notifications when a caller showing high purchase intent ends a conversation without making an appointment or a purchase, so they can reengage to save the sale.

Optimize your sales process*

Quickly surface and identify trends in closing or losing sales to optimize your sales process and train underperforming sellers.

know the outcome of your missed opportunities image

Know the outcome of your missed opportunities

The Opportunity Report provides a clear view into the quality of marketing-driven calls by using Sales Edge Rescue results. It offers a quick and easy way to see the ability of your marketing efforts to drive high quality calls and, also the ability of Sales to convert those calls.

*Not included with Marketing Edge, but Sales Edge Rescue seamlessly integrates as an add-on product.