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Marchex Sales Edge Rescue

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Get alerts about missed opportunities so you can take quick action to save the sale

Phone customers are the most valuable across marketing channels, according to a report from Forrester

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue alerts you when a potential buyer hangs up without making an appointment or purchase. Identifying what happened in these situations based on real-time conversational analytics enables you to take meaningful action.

Now your team can follow up and save the sale. Closed Loop Conversions tracks the outbound calls and provides automated reporting of rescue outcomes.

Save more sales

Get alerts

when a conversation with a potential customer ends negatively

Re-engage quickly

when customer conversations are mishandled, so you can win them back

Win more deals

by recovering missed opportunities before they become lost sales

Close the loop

connect outbound calls to outcomes for an accurate picture of rescue performance

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue

See how you can take quick action to save the sale

Call monitoring and scoring at scale

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue leverages conversational AI to:

  • Filter out wrong numbers and non-sales calls
  • Score calls against the attributes you care about most
  • Prioritize your most important conversations
  • Send you missed opportunity text or email alerts

When you’re on the go, review your alerts and quickly access the rescue queue in a single click, so you can take immediate action to save the sale.

By re-engaging the customer and calling back while the opportunity is still savable, you can finally improve sales close rates across your national and regional network business locations.

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Deep call scoring

Sales Edge Rescue analyzes every call using an extensive scoring system that can identify hundreds of different attributes, and can be customized extensively to meet your business’s specific requirements


Appointment Booked

Confirming Appointment

Rescheduling Appointment


Location Inquiry

Hours Inquiry

General Information Request


Hang Up – During Call

Call Quality Issue

Not Answered


No Appointment Available

Price Objection

Not in Inventory

Closed Loop Sales Tracking

NEW! Marchex Sales Edge Rescue is now available with Closed Loop Conversions.

With Closed Loop Conversions, businesses can track outbound sales rescue attempts that their salespeople make, and the data from those calls is automatically updated into the Callsaver dashboard. Gain a complete picture of the effectiveness and impact of capturing missed opportunities through outbound engagement.

  • Fast salesperson response time: Salespeople simply click a link within the alert to call the customer back immediately
  • Measure rescue call performance: Automated attribution and close rate reporting enables you to ensure that your sales team is following up effectively
  • Complete the picture: The Callsaver dashboard provides a consolidated view of all your customer interactions in one place

Hear from our customers

john kelly logo

Sales Rescue provides our company with incredibly powerful tools that enable actionable ROI. It enables monitoring and analysis of our phone calls, along with real-time notifications, so we not only can see the outcome of every call, but also have the ability to save customers on an immediate basis.

Bethany DeLaurencio
Marketing Director, Jerry Kelly Heating and Air

Hear from our customers

The Marchex Sales Edge Rescue program has given us a tool that can improve the customer experience while also saving potential sales opportunities.

David Moody
VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Service Experts