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How Boar’s Head Resort optimized their advertising spend and increased call volume

Boar’s Head Resort is a 300-year-old getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. The resort provides golf, fine dining and spa treatments, along with other outdoor activities for a customer base looking for quiet days of relaxation and fun. Effective advertising is key for Boar’s Head to reach new and repeat customers and maintain consistent revenue – but it can be difficult to see the true results of it.

The challenge

As a hospitality business, using advertising dollars wisely is key.

They want to know:

  • Which advertising campaigns are drumming up the most business?
  • Which demographics of customers are calling the most as a result?
  • How can the business make sure to invest in the highest returning ads?

These were the same questions Boar’s Head Resort hoped to answer when they partnered with Marchex and AudioGo to get call tracking and analytical insights on their campaigns.

Boar’s Head Resort’s goal was to track and evaluate the results of a direct response campaign. The details that Marchex and AudioGo could provide were key to understanding which advertising channels and audiences are working, so they could optimize future spend.

The solution

To help the resort see which customers had the most interest, AudioGo set up separate campaigns for Golf, Dining and Resort Stays – three of the biggest draws to Boar’s Head. Using vanity numbers for each and pairing with Marchex tracking and analytical tools, they saw an increase in call volume with better attribution and more information about where a customer came from. They also got a deeper look from Marchex at where the calls came from, when they were most likely to occur, and their duration. Through this information they could know which advertising efforts were thriving and which needed more attention, optimizing their spend and increasing call volume.

“Looking at the two platform’s analytics gave us some deeper insights. More data is always better, but this information allowed us to understand when calls where coming and what they were calling in about. Combine that with AudioGO’s dashboard, and we can really start to understand who is responding and where we should focus our ad spend.”

  • Joe Hanning, Marketing & Communications Manager, Boar’s Head Resort
To learn about the quantitative results of this partnership for Boar’s Head Resort, view the entire case study here.