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Integrate Text into Sales Workflows with Marchex Sonar

Sonar text messaging is a valuable tool for engaging prospects from initial contact to sale. Automated text bots can help your sales team reach out to your prospects and customers right away, without lifting a finger or hiring more employees. Marchex Sonar’s AI chat bot can easily be customized to work with any existing intake flow, making setup a breeze.   

Streamline Lead Qualifications 

The best time to respond to a prospect’s or customer’s inquiry is immediately. Sonar accomplishes this automatically when a lead enters the funnel. Incoming leads are ushered through a custom text bot conversation flow available around the clock. Once the conversation progresses to requiring a live human, the AI bot forwards the contact to the sales team. The AI chatbot saves both time for your team by taking several tasks off their plate, and money by reducing the need for new hires.  

Score Leads Automatically 

Our lead qualification bot can collects important information during sales conversations over text ranging from basic details like contact name and phone number to more in-depth insights such as lead score or likelihood of purchase. Our AI bot generates a score for each lead that comes through the funnel indicating how likely the lead is to purchase based on the language used in their messages. Salespeople can use the score to focus on their more promising leads.  

Integrate into Your Own Workflows 

Marchex Sonar makes it easy to customize text bots based on your existing system’s workflows. For example, an incoming lead can trigger a greeting text to be sent to the prospect. Salespeople can then use Sonar’s API and webhooks to incorporate these messages into their existing workflows to provide a complex solution that aligns with the way they run their business. 

Learn More 

To find out more on how your sales team can engage with incoming leads using automated text messaging, schedule a demo with us today.