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Maintain Customer Relationships Post-Sale with Text

It’s important for sales and marketing teams to keep in contact with customers throughout the buyer’s journey, even once a sale has been made. That way, when customers have questions or opportunities for more business emerge, a company will be in the best position to keep its customers satisfied. Text is an effective method of customer communication because most people use it every day. Customers are more likely to see an incoming text than an email, for example. It is versatile—revenue teams can use it to push promotions and address customer concerns. Text is convenient for companies as well, as SMS messages can be set up to be sent automatically to a customized list.  


Text Strategies for Customer Service 

Texting is commonly used for promotional deals with existing customers. Any customer who’s given their contact details and opted in for marketing communications can be provided with promotional deals, product updates, customer loyalty perks, or other marketing information via text. When automated, these campaigns take a large workload off the revenue team’s shoulders. To facilitate campaign engagement, promotional texts often include a key word customers can use to trigger a follow-up message.  

If a customer has a concern with the company or product, text is the quickest way to get in touch. Automated text sequences can be set up to address FAQs, while live representatives can be available for customers if the issue is more urgent. The immediate nature of texting allows problems to be solved much faster than through other channels.  

One insurance company in Florida reaped the benefits of texting with their customers when faced with a natural disaster. Before implementing texting, the insurer could not communicate with its customers when a storm hit because they lost access to broadband internet and could not use email. When the company switched to texting for customer service and claims processing uses, customer engagement exploded because they could communicate with their insurer regardless of whether they had internet access.  


Getting Started 

There are many reasons for a business to choose text messaging as a primary form of communication. Texting is the quickest way to get in touch with a customer to promote a sale or address a serious concern. It aids productivity as well, since automated text messaging can be set up for customized lists of customers to engage with them on behalf of revenue teams. If you are interested in discussing the benefits of text messaging in your business, contact us or download our guide: How Text Messaging Can Enhance Customer Relationships to learn more.