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Integrate the Data You Need with Custom Webhooks

What if there was a way to help your revenue team more easily incorporate sales and marketing data into your existing systems, such as a CRM or bid management platform, and reduce the need for custom development?  Marchex is now introducing custom webhooks with Marketing Edge to address this business challenge.  

Custom webhooks provide teams with an easy way to integrate Marketing Edge information into their CRM, bid management platforms or other marketing applications. Users can utilize custom webhooks to format sales and marketing data in a way that external systems expect, cutting back custom development efforts on the company’s part. Modules such as webhook payloads, content types, and authentication can be customized, and therefore can integrate Marketing Edge as a data source into any external platform a company uses.  


What Are Custom Webhooks? 

Custom webhooks contain information about a call to an ad campaign. Some examples of custom webhook use include logging call activity, activating certain software features, and sending information to third-party applications. The process is simple. Webhooks can be set up to be triggered at different points in the sales interaction. Once setup is complete, Marketing Edge can trigger webhooks to be sent to a server at call start, call end, or when post-call processing is finished.  

Users can customize webhooks with a template provided by Marketing Edge. A default template is available, but users can tailor it with text and tokens. Such customization is highly beneficial for revenue teams, as the payload of the webhook is established according to the requirements of the external system rather than forcing that system to accept the default webhooks—eliminating the extra headache. 


How Custom Webhooks are Used 

Custom webhooks have a variety of uses. Marchex Marketing Edge can be more easily integrated as a data source into third-party platforms with custom webhooks because users can define a webhook template in the destination schema and adjust call data as necessary for ingestion and processing. Custom webhooks are also a useful tool for sales and marketing teams because they provide a much simpler path for customer-defined or industry standard data delivery formats to be incorporated into existing systems.  


Custom webhooks are included in the Marketing Edge Core and Advantage packages for customers to use. To learn more about custom webhooks and Marketing Edge, schedule a demo today.