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Marchex Wins 2023 AI Breakthrough Award

We are proud to announce that Marchex Engage for Automotive has won “Best AI-based Solution for Sales” in the 6th annual AI Breakthrough Awards! The awards program was conducted by a top marketing intelligence organization AI Breakthrough, which for several years has been acknowledging the most promising companies and products in the artificial intelligence space. This year’s program was highly competitive with 3,200 entries from across the globe.  

A Cut Above the Rest 

“Understanding consumer-to-business conversations to improve the vehicle sales process is a game-changer for the automotive industry. This is a sector that has had to evolve as it recovers from a supply-constrained environment. Thanks to Marchex, dealerships, manufacturers, and other key players in the sector can capitalize on consumer data,” said James Johnson, managing director, AI Breakthrough. “Congratulations to Marchex. Their expertise and experience and flexible and scalable platform empower manufacturers and dealers to glean insights that measurably improve their customers’ experience and their own bottom lines.” 

AI Breakthrough was impressed by Marchex Engage’s natural language processing and machine learning technology.  The product’s demonstrated ability to equip dealership sales teams with key information about prospects and help them improve their customers’ buying experience solidified Engage as a top contender for the award.  

“These awards are testament to our team’s hard work, as well as the power and continued evolution of Marchex’s AI-powered solutions,” said Edwin Miller, Marchex CEO. “We are grateful for the recognition and are more committed than ever to continue innovating and delivering on our conversation intelligence platform to help our customers thrive and modernize their processes while increasing efficiency.” 

About Engage 

Marchex’ award-winning sales engagement platform Engage for Automotive has helped countless dealers analyze sales conversations, prioritize their best leads, and take appropriate action to sell more vehicles. Engage automates several tasks such as customer data entry, freeing up more time for sales teams to focus on closing deals. Real-time action alerts over text or email inform teams when a high-intent buyer suddenly ends a conversation—giving salespeople a chance to recover sales and increase revenue. Engage’s conversation intelligence capabilities provide teams with information they need to improve the customer experience. When salespeople understand their buyers’ intent and conversation outcomes, they can better address their needs.  

Learn More 

For more information about these achievements, read the press release. To learn more about how Engage for Automotive can help your dealership close more sales, schedule a demo today.