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Marchex Wins the 2023 Appealie SaaS Customer Success Award

Marchex is excited to announce that we have won the 2023 APPEALIE SaaS Customer Success Award! The SaaS Awards annually acknowledge top tier SaaS platforms for high quality products and outstanding customer experiences. Marchex won the award for going above and beyond in our partnership with RevLocal, a digital marketing agency that uses Marchex as its call tracking provider.  

The APPEALIE Awards are regarded as the most selective in the software space. Entrants undergo an extensive vetting process upon submission to ensure only the standout platforms are given accolades. Marchex’s stellar customer service, knowledgeable staff, and thoughtful strategy involved in the cementing of its partnership with RevLocal impressed the APPEALIE judges and were deciding factors in the company’s win.  


A Practical Solution 

Marchex’s onboarding process with RevLocal was successful because we brought forward supportable and scalable solutions for the company that were compatible with its existing software. RevLocal took advantage of our Salesforce integration to automate setup tasks for new incoming customer accounts. As a result, Marchex’s conversation intelligence platform saved hundreds if not thousands of hours each month in account setup time for the RevLocal team, and significantly reduced human error. To learn more about Marchex’s partnership with RevLocal, read the case study. 

“Software buyers have an overwhelming number of vendors to choose from. Our data-driven software award methodology honors customer-obsessed SaaS platforms that are differentiated from the crowd by delivering superior customer outcomes,” commented Arabella Solaybar of APPEALIE. Marchex’s role in RevLocal’s success distinguished it from the market as a company truly dedicated to its customers.  


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