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See How RevLocal Improves the Customer Experience with Automation

RevLocal is a digital marketing agency that manages campaigns for thousands of clients. Many of these clients want phone calls, so RevLocal uses call tracking to manage performance. After their former call tracking provider was acquired by another business, RevLocal transitioned to Marchex Marketing Edge because they could scale as needed and the functionality was compatible with RevLocal’s existing operations. 

When RevLocal’s previous vendor was acquired, they saw opportunity in their predicament. Their development operations had recently changed from a standard engineering team to an individual Salesforce Flow specialist. When the RevLocal team heard that the Marchex Salesforce integration works with Salesforce Flow, they were eager to switch and save valuable time that was spent manually setting up new clients. Functional compatibility, however, was not the only reason that Marchex stood out from the rest of the pack.  

During the two businesses’ initial conversations, Marchex revealed a fresh perspective on customization. While most vendors RevLocal communicated with were strong proponents of it, Marchex suggested that customization could be detrimental in the long-term because it is more difficult to scale and support. RevLocal was delighted to hear this, as they shared the same views. Shortly thereafter, Marchex Marketing Edge was implemented into RevLocal’s system as it was both scalable and already configured in a way that fit their existing structure with the Salesforce integration.  

Once Marketing Edge was onboarded, the RevLocal account management team could work far more efficiently. They automated many setup tasks with the Salesforce integration that previously took hours of their time done manually. Team members now only need to intervene if something is amiss. The account management team also reaped the benefits of call analytics. Marketing Edge provides them with a clear view of key campaign metrics such as lead volume and sales closed and allows them to notice problems such as a high number of calls left unanswered. With more time on their hands and a more detailed picture of their campaigns, the RevLocal account management team developed a far more streamlined, data-informed strategy for their clients. 

If you would like to gain more valuable information about your customers and help your teams work more efficiently, your business would benefit from a call tracking platform. To learn more about Marchex Marketing Edge, schedule a demo today. To read more about how RevLocal streamlined their operations and saved hundreds of hours of their time, download the case study.