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Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing Gains Greater Visibility with Marchex Integration

Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing is a heating and air conditioning company serving the Las Vegas Valley since 1987. They integrated Marchex Platform Services into their field management software solution to obtain greater insight into sales calls. Their staff were then able to use this information to improve their marketing campaign ROI, optimize call center staffing, and better train their customer service representatives.  

The Problem    

Sierra was struggling to make business decisions with the insights they had available in their existing field management platform. The solution they were utilizing provided valuable information from their calls. However, they were still having trouble deciding where to allocate advertising spend based on the number of calls coming through each channel. It was difficult for Sierra’s staff to determine the number of booked appointments from a marketing source. This left them uncomfortable making business decisions without better insights into call volume, booked calls, and booking percentages. 

Marchex’ Solution 

Sierra opted for a Marchex Platform Services integration with ServiceTitan, a leading field management software solution used by home services companies, to better analyze their calls. The integration identifies insights that support where to allocate advertising spend based on the number of calls coming from each marketing source. This helps Sierra understand which advertising channels are effective so they can reinvest spending or reallocate if necessary. 

According to Sierra Vice President of Marketing Ryan Field, “Marchex was able to extract valuable insights from our ServiceTitan calls. We would struggle to allocate advertising spend without the critical data from Marchex.” In our upcoming webinar, Field will delve deeper into how the integration with Marchex Platform Services helped his company improve its marketing efforts.  

The Results 

When Sierra incorporated Marchex into the ServiceTitan integration, they had more success with the data Marchex’s platform extracted from their calls. With this information, they were able to recover thousands of dollars in sales by identifying missed opportunities. The integration is simple and easy for the Sierra team to understand and use. The staff can see the volume of phone calls per day on the platform, so they can adjust their call center staff to meet these needs. 

Said Ryan Field, “Marchex’s key insights allow us to adjust call center staff accordingly to support scheduling.” 

Learn More 

With Marchex’s integration, Sierra’s staff can view the busiest times of day, identify non-revenue calls and their sources, and pinpoint customer call sources. To see how a similar integration would help your business, schedule a consultation with our team today or register for our webinar on October 24th to discuss with Field how Marchex Platform Services benefited his company. To learn more about how Marchex Platform Services helped Sierra improve their marketing efforts, read the case study.