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Boost Dealership Sales with Call Tracking

Perfecting a marketing strategy is a challenge for any business, and automotive dealerships are no exception. Dealers and other business owners often struggle to identify which marketing channels generate the most revenue. Since most auto buyers make a phone call along the path to purchase, dealers could benefit from a tool that analyzes their calls and uncovers their outcomes. Call tracking platforms like Marchex Engage can streamline call operations, highlight how calls are being handled at the macro level and can also shed light on the intent of each individual call.  

How To Utilize Call Tracking 

Call tracking is useful because it reveals call outcomes, which can be a blind spot for dealers. Calls can be optimized with a 3-step process that helps more calls get answered, provides a better customer experience and uncovers the outcome of each call. You can optimize your dealership’s call handling strategy and increase revenue using the following steps: 

  1. Optimize the call answering flow to connect as many incoming callers with a representative as possible 
  2. Provide a knowledgeable and professional experience to the caller  
  3. Set follow-up plans to facilitate the path to purchase 

Call Tracking and Analytics at the Dealership 

Auto dealers in particular should have insight into what occurs during inbound calls because customers in the automotive industry vastly prefer to call or text businesses over other channels. When customers call a dealership, they have most likely already done their background research and are seriously intending to buy. It is thus paramount that management have immediate knowledge of call outcomes and can deduce which channels are more successful at driving inbound traffic. Dealers that take advantage of what call tracking and analytics have to offer will be able to fine-tune their call handling strategy to increase their connection rates during the all-important initial buyer call.  

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