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Why your business needs call attribution

As a marketer, you interact with customers across an exhausting number of devices and channels. Let’s add them up. First, smartphones that deliver near-constant internet connectivity, along with laptops and tablets. Then, there’s digital ads and social media. But, what tends to get overlooked is how those interactions often conclude with a phone call. If you don’t have a method of call attribution in place to track the prospect from online to offline, your business has a blind spot that’s likely impacting your bottom line. Call Analytics can bridge the gap from online to offline channels, providing full marketing attribution.

How call attribution works

What message and media drove your customer to call? Fortunately, phone calls derived from online sources can be tracked and analyzed to help you better understand customer behavior. Call attribution data has multiple impacts on your business. You can optimize marketing campaigns, maximize the impact of marketing budgets, and improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

Anywhere you can put a phone number, including mobile ad, email, TV commercial or roadside billboard, you can track the volume of calls came from that channel. For omnichannel campaigns, those that run on online and offline channels, Call Analytics fill the gap that digital analytics programs can’t reach, providing a 360-degree view of your marketing.

Optimizing marketing campaigns through call attribution

Call Analytics can also provide insights into how your customers interact with your brand and what channels and keywords are performing best. This can help you make more strategic, data-driven decisions for optimizing your paid search bids in real-time.  For paid search, Call Analytics technology can capture the keyword the prospect searched on before calling your business. This granularity is especially helpful since the data can be driven directly into your bid management platform in real time, so you can immediately optimize your campaigns.

With call attribution, you now have a full view into what media is driving calls, helping you connect to more of your best customers. See how Boar’s Head Resort tripled its phone calls, or to learn how Marchex Conversation Intelligence can help provide full marketing attribution and optimize your digital campaigns, read the Conversation Intelligence informational article.