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Unlock the Full Potential of Call Tracking

Call tracking can deliver superior results to your organization when your call data is interpreted and optimized. You may be aware that all call tracking solutions record the quantity and source of inbound calls. But did you know that more advanced technologies detail actual sales conversions and collect valuable data such as call duration and high-intent keywords (i.e., words and phrases that signify likelihood of purchase)? Once a call’s key information has been parsed from the conversation, call analytics reveal a wealth of insights, which can be used to enhance your marketing and sales efforts.  Read on for tips on how to unlock the full potential of your call tracking solution.

Test Multiple Channels

Call tracking numbers can be added to a variety of media outlets, including websites, ads, and social media platforms. Run the same content across multiple channels to identify which channel generates the most calls.

Arm Sales Agents with Insights to Close Deals

Call tracking and analytics can be leveraged to better train and equip sales agents. When you understand which agents or centers perform well, it’s possible to model their successful practices when training new sales members or teams from different locations. Insights around call handling can improve chances of a successful outcome—and further drive revenue.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Call tracking is a source of first-party data directly from the customer. You know who they are and why they called. This information can be used to maintain appropriate communication with timely offers and customized messaging for each stage of the buying process. An engaged customer is more likely to be a satisfied customer, which leads to higher likelihood of sale.

Optimize and Repeat

To unlock the full potential of call tracking, allow buyer responses and quality data to help inform your sales team. Then, continuously test and re-optimize your marketing and sales efforts to turn one-time shoppers into lifelong customers.

To recap, call tracking is key to optimizing your sales and marketing efforts. The info you gain from buyer conversations can be analyzed to inform your team on how to approach a variety of activities from customer interactions to product promotion.

To learn more about call tracking, check out our e-book that covers four common call tracking strategies or request a demo of Marchex Marketing Edge.