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Marketing Attribution for Phone Calls – Part 2 of a 3-part series

In this installment of our 3-part series on gaining marketing attribution from phone calls, we focus on gaining insights at the channel level. This is a typical entry strategy for a lot of businesses implementing call tracking. In part 1, we focused on campaign-level tracking: Using a single call tracking number (CTN) across your channels and assets to learn how many calls your campaign drives. Each additional strategy gets progressively granular as far as what the data uncovers. With channel-level tracking, we use a different CTN for each channel of our marketing mix.

If you were to run a campaign using your website, direct mail, digital ads, TV, and paid search, you would utilize five unique CTNs, and your campaign would look like this:

  • Your website would contain a CTN
  • Direct mail would utilize one unique CTN
  • Display ads would utilize one unique CTN
  • Television ads would utilize a unique CTN
  • Paid search ads would utilize a unique CTN

Once you launch your campaign with your CTNs, you start getting insights into how well each of your channels is performing. Call analytics – the metrics delivered from your call tracking numbers—quantify the number of calls to each or your channels. For instance, you may see results such as:

With this data, you are able to see how many calls your marketing drives and how well the channel converts callers into customers. In the example above, you may decide your display as aren’t worth the budget you are spending there, and reallocate this budget to direct mail, for instance.

Measuring channel performance with call tracking provides visibility into which channels are working in your campaign, empowering you to make adjustments to improve overall performance.

For more information on this and other marketing attribution strategies, download our eBook: 4 ways to use call tracking in your marketing campaigns.