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What to ask when selecting a call tracking platform

So, you’ve decided a call tracking platform can help you take your marketing to the next level. When choosing a provider, you’ll not only want to consider a wide range of technology solutions, but also the people behind them. Answer these questions to help narrow your search:

1. Does the provider know my market?

Your provider should know your industry. The greater their depth of experience serving companies in your sector, the better their ability to help you turn raw metrics into actionable data. The right call tracking platform can help you attract new shoppers, convert them to buyers, and keep them coming back.

2. Can I track conversions?

Your call tracking platform should be able to follow your callers throughout their journey. The solution should deliver real-time insights, enabling you to connect with each customer right where they are in the buying process.

3. Can they help improve conversion rates?

Get more from your call tracking platform than channel response metrics. Choose a provider with solutions that capture call-quality metrics like duration and custom keyword detection. Then, correlate the data to sales conversions to better train and equip your call staff to close.

4. How do they keep my data secure?

Find a provider that meets or exceeds industry standards for data security.

5. Can they meet my needs today, and tomorrow?

Choose a provider with pricing and services that scale with your business needs. It’s common practice to begin with a basic call tracking solution to understand volume and streamline process. As you understand how your customers interact with your brand, you may seek more in-depth analytics to understand who’s calling and why or to learn how your representatives are handling inbound calls.

While the field of call tracking is over a decade old, it has evolved to become a valuable data source rivaling digital analytics platforms. No matter where you are in your call tracking journey, call data provides insights you can’t get from other sources. If you rely on inbound phone calls and want to ensure you are getting the most value from them, a call tracking platform could be the answer.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Marchex can meet your needs as a call analytics provider, contact us for a demo today.