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How the Senior Living Industry Can Deliver a Premium Customer Experience

Originally published November, 2017

One of the most common challenges faced by senior living marketers is how to deliver a consistently superior customer experience across several locations.

Marketing and sales teams in the senior living and multi-family housing industries understand that the customer experience is extremely important in determining how residents think of your brand. In fact, implementing a consistent, best-in-class customer experience is a key objective with many multi-location industries.

The challenge is not in the awareness, but rather in the execution. Businesses spend lots of money optimizing their website and digital efforts based on customer engagement data. So, how can you do the same with offline engagement like calls and texts?

We typically hear something like this from our customers in the senior living industry:

“I am at a loss to explain why my location(s) in the southeast are generating great reviews, but not in the northeast. How can I provide customers a great brand experience no matter where they contact us?”

The fact is that businesses need the right tools to gain these insights. Here are some possible tactics for improving the customer experience:

Tactic #1: Replace your secret shopper services with a call analytics tool

The biggest concern with secret shoppers is that they don’t generate enough calls to provide a good sample size for evaluation. Some secret shopper vendors outsource call scoring by having other reviewers listen to calls, but one reviewer’s criteria for a good call can differ from another. Using a tool like Marchex Marketing Edge can help solve these issues. For example, an automotive brand with over 2,000 locations leveraged Marchex to replace their secret shopper service with advanced analytics technology. Now, they can evaluate every call at a much lower cost.

Tactic #2: Meet customers where they are – establish text as an option

Text communications throughout the customer journey can benefit marketing, sales, and customer service as the decision process evolves. Many customers prefer text over other channels and will choose to communicate via SMS if they know it’s available. If you’re using a landline, a text platform can also help capture anyone trying to reach your business via text. An SMS platform like Marchex Sonar can help businesses boost response and engagement with residents.

Tactic #3: Integrate your current tools

With Marchex Platform Services, it’s now possible to surface actionable insights from customer conversations that originate from your existing communication platforms. You can obtain AI-powered conversation intelligence without the need to port phone numbers, provision call tracking numbers, or learn a new system. You can send raw conversation audio and conversation data directly from an existing communication platform to Marchex’s secure connection points and receive back data that has been processed by Marchex’s conversation intelligence.

Marchex helps some of the most recognized brands in the senior living and multi-family industry gain visibility into their offline customer experience.

Learn how Marchex can help you improve the customer experience across multiple locations.