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Uncover Relevant Insights Across Voice and Text Conversations

Introducing Conversation DNA™

We’re excited to announce Conversation DNA™, the next evolution of our core technology that generates AI-based signals and makes them available to virtually any business via the Marchex Anywhere integrations hub.

Marchex’s Conversation DNA enables voice and text conversation decoding, scoring, categorization and signal delivery across every Marchex conversation intelligence product:

“With Conversation DNA, businesses can now surface invaluable sales and consumer intent signals from conversations across voice and text,” said Ryan Polley, Marchex Chief Operating Officer. “And we can deliver this intelligence faster than ever before.”

What is Conversation DNA?

Conversation DNA uses Marchex’s proprietary AI functionality built to uncover relevant insights – such as what customers want and what they are searching for – trained on more than one billion minutes of voice conversations and hundreds of millions of text messages our company processes each year. These valuable AI signals help your business understand how to anticipate customer needs and take real action in order to deliver highly personalized experiences.

How Conversation DNA works

When customers call or text a business that has leveraged one or more of Marchex’s conversation intelligence solutions, Conversation DNA can identify a number of signals relevant to the business such as consumer intent, context, urgency, product or service of interest, appointment scheduling outcome and payment preferences. Decoding conversations down to this level of granularity also helps businesses optimize marketing campaigns, improve customer experiences and, ultimately, close sales. Conversation DNA can show why sellers fail to book appointments, so businesses can correct these behaviors and see what deficiencies in availability, scheduling, or inventory are causing low appointment or close rates.


How Conversation DNA Helps Businesses:

Determining Caller Relationship to Business Identifies whether a caller has a previous relationship with the business or is new
Lead Qualification Identifies if a caller had an intent to purchase or do business, and where the business can complete a sale
Conversation Status Identifies the manner in which a phone call ended so the business can determine why they may not be engaging with customers and take action (caller hung up before speaking with an agent, no agent answered the call, caller hung up in the IVR, caller hung up after being transferred, or the caller left a voice mail)
Department Identification Identifies the specific department the caller wishes to speak with
Product/Service of Interest Identifies the product or service of interest the consumer is calling about
Intent Identifies the consumer’s objective/reason for the call
Outcome Identifies how the consumer conversation ended
Clean Call Automatically blocks spam calls

“Marchex Conversation DNA embodies the power of artificial intelligence by surfacing relevant, actionable insights from consumer-to-business conversations to help sales, customer engagement and marketing teams solve their real-world business challenges,” Polley said.

“Businesses of all sizes and across verticals stand to benefit significantly from technology that can quickly turn data and insights into specific actions that can positively affect both customer experience and the company’s bottom line,” he added.

To learn more about how Conversation DNA can help your business, contact us.