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Marchex Sales Edge

What if you could use the conversations your business has every day to continuously improve your sales performance — with the power of Conversational AI?

Marchex Sales Edge is a Conversational AI product suite that enables your business to listen at scale to what customers are saying, optimize your sales approach to deliver customer experiences that improve sales outcomes, and outperform your competition.

Conversational AI powers a more effective sales process



Hear what prospects are saying and analyze your conversations at scale



Optimize your sales approach, identify what works, and apply it across your organization



Take the right actions to win more deals and crush your team’s quota


Analyze conversational performance to improve outcomes across your national sales organization

Marchex Sales Edge Enterprise is a Conversational AI solution for corporate managers that provides conversation performance insights and trends that enterprises can use to boost sales outcomes across a distributed sales organization.

  • Brand-wide performance tracking and reporting
  • KPI dashboards
  • Call listening
  • Enterprise/regional/area view hierarchies for KPI and conversation data rollup
  • Single Sign-On

hight intent screenshot


sales edge local

Grow your business at each location by prioritizing your best leads

Marchex Sales Edge Local is a Conversational AI solution for business location managers that analyzes phone conversations, provides performance insights and prioritizes leads using intelligent lead scoring.

  • Rich lead scoring using deep consumer intent signals and offline data
  • Mobile-first user experience for on-the-go usage, including hands-free call listening
  • KPIs dashboard
  • Call playlists
  • Conversation notation and sharing
  • Integrates with your Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM for distribution of prioritized leads to your sales team
  • SMS and email alerts for salespeople


Get alerts about missed opportunities so you can take quick action to save the sale

Conversational AI-infused call monitoring, scoring and engagement solution that alerts your business when potential buyers hang up without making an appointment or purchase, so you can take real-time action to rescue the sale

  • AI-powered Call filtering
  • Call monitoring and deep scoring
  • Call saver dashboard
  • Missed opportunity alerts via SMS and Email
  • Closed Loop Sales Tracking


sales rescue alert screenshot